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Maria Alexandra

-Dr Art-

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La vida

French-Colombian. Barranquillera by heart, 

born in 1974

Dentist - Kinesiologue an Artist 

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Although art has always been part of her life, Maria Alexandra started producing her own when she felt the need to communicate ideas and emotion without using words.

She uses Seyes paper as an inspiration.

Work that combines lines and geometric figures that reveal a passion for proportions, design and architecture.

Self-taught artist and collector.

Work of art includes the initial series:

-"fragmentos" exposed at Intersect by Lexus,  Difc, Dubai, UAE

-"Filatures" and "Patrimonio" which have been part of the #feria75 at Elsa Pineres Galeria, Barranquilla, Colombia.

Her art is also part of   Miaartcollection; the first virtual art museum promoting  female artists.

Private collections in the  Middle East and Latin America. 

She divides her time between dentistry, kinesiology and Art . 

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"my creative process is transcendental and mystical"

Dr Art

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30 ave du General de Gaulle, Thonon les Bains. FRANCE


Merci pour votre envoi !

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